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iPhone 5s


Tough yet flexible, this protective case for iPhone 5 is designed for outdoor action. Features PORON XRD extreme impact protection, an external PC hardshell and a shock-absorbing inner layer. The Chisel snaps on easy to protect your iPhone from whatever comes its way.


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Features & Specs

  • Dimensions

    7.75" x 4.25" x 0.75"

  • Volume


  • Compatibility

    iPhone 5/5s

  • Material

    Durable & flexible external PC hardshell

  • Storage

    iPhone 5/5s


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9 Reviews

4.8/5 stars
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  • 5/5 stars

    By Drew

    The Best Case I have ever had on any smart phone

    I have had the iPhone since it's first iteration, and I have tried all types of cases. From simple latex to Otter Box (No offense to Otter Box, I highly recommend their iPad and iPhone cases). The reason I chose this case over the Otter box is because I am a large ham-fisted tempermental moron, and I beat the crap out of things, but I wanted something a bit more svelte. The Otterbox was too bulky. I had a Magpul case on my 4, (again, I have many Magpul products and they are awesome), but with my 5s I felt I needed just a bit more padding. I forget where I go the SYSTM Chisel, but it is completely ME proof. The material that wraps the face edge of the phone is the perfect compromise between durable and soft. The hard case on the sides and back is perfect. I have had so many cases fail where it surrounded the FACE of the phone. Which is critical, because it gets the most abuse. It's one piece and takes a bit of finagling to get the phone in, but once it's in, let the stupidity begin.

  • 5/5 stars

    By Grant

    Great Case!

    I bought this case in Black/Asphalt for my iPhone 5s and when I first started looking for cases I was very skeptical about getting one at all. I didn't really want the added bulk of a case but I wanted the protection know how delicate iPhones are. Another thing I like about it is that the Touch ID is still easily accessible unlike some cases that are specifically designed for the 5s. I have now had the case for about 2 weeks and I am still very happy with it. I haven't dropped it yet but I believe that if I do it will be protected. One of my very few complaints is that because of the border on the front used to protect the phone if dropped on the face, it collects dust. It also happens to collects dust around the camera, speakers/ charging port and the silence switch because of the borders but it can all be blown out pretty easily. My only other complaint is that it is pretty hard to get off and I feel like my iPhone is going to fly out in the process. But overall I am very satisfied with the quality and feel of this case and I would highly recommend buying it, it is very hard to beat for the price and I am pretty sure it will be sticking on my phone for a while.

  • 5/5 stars

    By Juan Venado

    You won't believe this

    Today a customer called looking for thier cell phone. After looking all through the store, we finally found it outside on the ground. I had been run over by our 30,000 lbs forklift.
    There was a perfect tire print on the face on the phone, some scratches on the SYSTM case. The phone, believe it or not, was not damaged and works perfectly.

  • 5/5 stars

    By Matt

    Best Case Ever!

    These cases put all others to shame. If you want a durable, scratch resistant, solid case this is it. I have tried many other cases for the iPhones and the Systm Chisel is the only one that truly becomes your phone. With other cases I have always felt like I was holding my phone with a case on it. With this one it just feels like one solid piece. Get it. You will not be sorry.

  • 5/5 stars

    By Marlon

    This is probably the best iPhone case!

    Let me start off by saying that I normally do not like bigger cases. They look tacky, bulky and kind of ugly. I was originally looking for a bumper case and then I saw this. I took it out of the packaging and put it on my phone to try it out and I was blown away. Somehow it's not that bulky but it feels so dang solid!! It feels like it would do a better job than an Otterbox. It's also way easier to take off than an Otterbox. I highly highly highly recommend this case to anyone that wants to protect their phone properly!!! Did I mention it looks awesome too? I have the Black and Grey one. I hope they keep making this model for the iPhones that continue to come out. Fantastic job with this case guys!

  • 3/5 stars

    By J

    Now how to take it off...

    This is a great case. A little more slippery than I would have liked, but also isn't a scratch magnet like the Speck cases.

    One big issue, I cannot get the case off for the life of me. Not that I need to at the moment, but it seems impossible.

  • 5/5 stars

    By Anthony Vantreese

    Best case EVER

    I really love this case it doesn't scratch it's tough and durable and it comes in blue. I always loved incase products for one not to bulky it doesn't scratch like speck and otter box are too bulky and the rest are cheaply made like incipio. Overall I won't be getting another case for a long time. I just hope that for the upcoming iPhones that make the chisel for them because it is an outstanding case and I'm happy with it. I usually change my case or get a new one every month but I have to say you won't be disappointed. I love it!!

  • 5/5 stars

    By Jeff Jenkins

    Great Case

    I have two of the Systm Chisel cases, the black and gray and the gray and orange. I am very picky about my iPhone cases and I am very impressed with the the aesthetics and durability of this line of cases from InCase. I highly recommend!

  • 5/5 stars

    By Matt

    Well Worth It

    This phone case is everything I have been looking for. I purchased the Chisel in the Black/Grey and I love it. I have had many of the name brand phone cases such as the Spec Grip, the LifeProof Fre and the Otter Box commuter. I have a bad habit of switching cases and wanting new ones about every other month, but this by far has beaten those out for me. It is durable, tough and sleek enough that it meets all requirements for a case. The best part is, the back doesn't scratch. That was a real problem for me with the Spec grip case. It is not too bulky either. The Chisel grips the phone like a glove and there is no sliding. It does make the phone a little heavy, but not like a brick. The open ports on the bottom of the phone did it for me as well. The LifeProof case was great, but often the sound out of the speaker phone and my music was muffled, which led me to get this one.

    This case has a unique design and is offered in many colors which is great. This case is the best one I have purchased and I can say that I will leave it on for a while. All around great case that fits any and every need for a phone case. Great job