iPhone 5s

Sports Armband Deluxe

  • Sports Armband Deluxe
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iPhone 5s

Sports Armband Deluxe

Don't worry, be active. Carry your iPhone 5 on your arm, belt or a pack strap with our secure armband with clip.


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Features & Specs

  • Dimensions

    7.75" x 4.38" x 2.00"

  • Volume


  • Compatibility

    iPhone 5/5s

  • Material

    Durable protective cover for complete edge and corner protection

  • Strap

    Integrated belt clip for easy wear on waistband, pack strap and more


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5 Reviews

4.8/5 stars
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  • 5/5 stars

    By David

    I love the Delux Sports Armband for my Iphone 5

    Will there be one for the 6 or 6 Plus?
    I love how it snaps out quickly for a phone call or a quick photo

  • 5/5 stars

    By Regina

    Sports armband

    This is my second one and I love it. I just want to know when you're going to sell one for the iphone 6.

  • 5/5 stars

    By CJ

    Sports arm band

    This is actually my second one. I had one on my I phone 4 and now on my 5. When the first week after placing it on my I phone 5 I nocked it off the clip trying to strip a layer during a half marathon. As it bounced down the mountain in slow motion (in my head) I was freaking out how I was going to make the next 11 more miles without my music. Not a scratch to the phone. Case had a couple scuffs but that was all. I love love love this case!!

  • 4/5 stars

    By Randy

    Great ... once you figure out how to re-thread the strap

    I had the 4s version and it was perfect, so when I got a 5s, I had no qualms about buying the 5s version of this armband. But when it arrived, the strap appeared to work differently, and was very difficult to put on and adjust.

    Fortunately, because I had the previous version, I was able to compare them carefully, and found that the strap was just threaded wrong. Once I re-threaded it correctly, it works great, just like the old version.

    No hope of describing in words how to correctly re-thread the strap, I'm afraid. They really need to thread it correctly before shipping, or at least provide some diagrams. If I hadn't had the old version to compare to, I would be a very unhappy customer!

  • 5/5 stars

    By Kevin

    This case saved my phone.

    Earlier today, I was hit by a car while running. Thankfully, I was (relatively) unharmed, but the force of the blow knocked my iPhone off my arm. Luckily, the Sports Armband Deluxe protected my phone from damage, and I recovered it completely unscathed (though the case does have a few scuff marks on it). Couldn't recommend this armband more highly!