iPhone 5s

Snap Case

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iPhone 5s

Snap Case

Lightweight, minimalist protection. Protect your iPhone 5 in our form-fitting protective snap case.


sku CL69050

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Features & Specs

  • Dimensions

    7" x 4.25" x 0.75"

  • Volume


  • Compatibility

    iPhone 5/5s

  • Material

    Durable hardshell construction


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6 Reviews

3.3/5 stars
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  • 5/5 stars

    By miranda

    love tgis case

    This. Is the best case I have in seafoam yellow flamingo and whote I've had them for a year none of them are peeling

  • 2/5 stars

    By Jennifer Raby

    Case peeling

    I loved my I cases in the past and since my new iPhone 5s it was nice until just recent it is peeling plastic

  • 2/5 stars

    By Brett

    Does not fit

    I bought this case for my 5S because of previous positive experiences with Incase. However, I quickly realized after attaching it to my phone that it does not fit flush with the 5S. There is approximately a millimeter worth of space between the phone and the case, just enough to be noticeable. I can easily move my phone around inside the case and my phone annoyingly bounces around while in use.

  • 2/5 stars

    By Leticia

    It's peeling

    I've had the clear snap case for a year, and it's been peeling for a couple of months now. It looks terrible! Plus I get little bits of it everywhere!

  • 4/5 stars

    By Mark M


    Had the Incase Snap Case ever since my iPhone 4, and it couldn't have been any more perfect. Once I upgraded to the 5, it was only natural for me to get the same. I love the Incase Snap Case (the black matted one at least) because it won't EVER peel (if you take reasonable care of your phone), unlike most other cases out there. I just wish the iPhone 5 version had bridged the top part of the silent toggle / volume control, like it did in the 4/4S version of the case.. but that's trivial.

  • 5/5 stars

    By NetOperator Wibby

    Hella dope

    I've been using this case since I got my iPhone 5 at launch. Coming from a Palm Pre, I wasn't sure which iPhone cases were the best but I figured I would choose Incase since I have both their heathered backpack and a laptop case. To this day, no complaints, it's still pushing. I *am* curious as to what this case is made of though. Seems like all phones should be made of it (at least the back).