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Incase ICON Pack

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Laptop Backpack

Incase ICON Pack

Sleek and streamlined. Organize, protect and carry your MacBook and other essentials. Features multiple compartments for organization, adjustable padded shoulder straps and a cable port for on-the-go access to portable power or audio.


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Features & Specs

  • Dimensions

    19" x 13" x 9.00"

  • Compatibility

    Up to 15" MacBook Pro, iPad

  • Material

    Durable 840D nylon construction

  • Strap

    Adjustable padded shoulder straps for optimal comfort and ergonomic support. Sternum strap for secure and comfortable carrying.

  • Storage

    Main compartment provides space for larger items and organization for flat documents and small accessories. Secondary compartment offers a series of organizer pockets to hold tech accessories and other small items. Dedicated side-access iPad pocket. Hip-side Power Pocket with integrated cable port to allow access to portable power or audio.


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Carry everything you need in the device-optimized ICON pack.


Capacity for large items and organization for MacBook, iPad, iPhone and more.


Secondary compartment holds tech accessories and other small items.


Side pocket with integrated cable port for access to power or audio.

14 Reviews

4.6/5 stars
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  • 5/5 stars

    By Julie

    Makes for Impressive Gifting

    When I received this in the mail, I was pretty floored with the construction and design - it's really sleek and sturdy. The most noticeable aspect of the pack is the inner lining - it's super soft! I wish I had shoes in that material.

    I really wanted to keep the pack for myself, but it was a gift for my sister and she needed it more than I did since she travels a lot. She messaged me out of the blue to tell me that she can fit so much in the backpack and she's finding new pockets all the time that she doesn't know what to do with all the pockets.

    Her only issue is that the backpack buckle cannot sit on or below her boobs comfortably, but that might be just her since she's more blessed than most haha. But, all in all she says this thing is awesome!

  • 4/5 stars

    By Drew P

    Pockets for days!

    There is a pocket for almost everything. Love the comfy pocket for my laptop. The tablet pocket is nice too and fits my nexus 7. The pack is also super comfortable for long wears.

    I wish the tablet pocket was the same material as the laptop pocket. A water bottle pocket would a nice addition.

  • 5/5 stars

    By Scott

    My Daily Driver

    I replaced my Incase ICON bag from 2006 with this newer version. Having used the old one for almost 10 years I had pretty high expectations on the quality and my expectations were still exceeded.

    The quality of this bag is outstanding. The bag maintains it's shape even when it's empty, unlike most bags that turn into a pile of empty fabric. The rigid foamy back protects my laptop when I throw it in my entry way at the end of every day. It also has a great felt like lining that keeps my macbook polished to a nice shine. There are pockets for every accessory imaginable. The side pocket works great with Incase's Portable Power 2500 as it has a little port for running a charging wire out of. This was really handy while at the airport to have some extra juice to play games while waiting for my plane and not worrying about forgetting the charger.

  • 4/5 stars

    By Paul

    Great Design but Pricey

    I used the Incase Nylon Backpack before I picked up the Icon Pack. The Nylon Backpack was still a great backpack and was still functional but I had to replace it after it went through wear and tear after about 2 years of use.

    The Icon pack is great for portability and I love how it stays up and doesn't sag like 99% of other bags. It has great structure and form unlike the Nylon Backpack which sagged. Another plus is the larger storage capacity. The Nylon Backpack was somewhat small for my weekend trips but did the job for my college life. The Icon pack is great for college students or the gadget guy as it has pockets for everything and has larger volume for those larger loads. Also enjoy having good straps again after dealing with those sliding straps that never stayed put on the Nylon pack.

    Overall a great backpack but a large price tag. I would say it is a great deal if it was down to $120 or less (only reason why its 4 stars not 5). Still a great bag I can strongly recommend to those willing to pay the 200.

  • 5/5 stars

    By Leonard

    Best brand ever

    So I've purchased multiple bags from INCASE and after purchasing the icon pack I could not have been happier. I use my icon pack for day to day work and I use my EO travel pack for the gym. I always get asked where I got my bags... Always. Thank you INCASE for always making such excellent products and I will be a loyal INCASE customer till the day I can't carry a bag anymore.

  • 3/5 stars

    By Clay

    Icon Scores on Design but Falls Short on Execution

    I want to love this bag. The form factor and look are ideal. The slim design and light weight are great. The felt lined laptop pocket feels very nice and the tablet pocket is equally handy. But living with this backpack every day for the last few weeks including a business trip has revealed what I consider to be its shortcomings.

    1. Because all the inner material is black, visibility is poor. Compared to other backpacks it is difficult to see down into the bottom of the bag (both in the main and secondary compartments) without fully unzipping and pulling the bag open, which is a two-handed operation. This also makes seeing and accessing the velcro-close accessory pockets in the secondary compartments a pain. I was using these accessory pockets for various chargers and having to frequently access them proved to be a hassle.

    2. Virtually all of the accessory compartments are thin and flimsy. If your accessories have any weight to them the pockets will sag. This causes the top of the bag to sag and lose shape, especially when it's open and you're trying to find something.

    3. The size and shape of the triangle pockets on the sides aren't nearly as useful as I had hoped as they really aren't designed to hold anything over 1/2" thick without forcing it. You could conceivable put a wallet or a hard drive or a battery pack in there but those are sensitive items I would prefer to have safely concealed and protected inside one of the larger compartments.

    4. There is no facility to carry a water bottle.

    5. The shoulder strap padding is thin and soft. Even with a modest load the padding collapses causing the straps to dig in to your shoulders. The top handle is minimally padded as well but less of an issue.

    6. The back padding is thin and the 'air channels' simply aren't deep enough to be effective. Be prepared for a sweaty back.

    Overall I think the Icon is a well made, good looking backpack. The slim profile, laptop & tablet pockets, and overall storage capacity are impressive. Unfortunately things like comfort and ease of use don't measure up in my opinion, and at the Icon's price point I think it's reasonable to expect more.

  • 5/5 stars

    By BC

    Icon Backpack

    I purchased this backpack from Incase after using the Compact Backpack the last year or two. I was hesitant spending the money for this but I travel a lot and my backpack is my office. I am absolutely thrilled with the icon pack! Incase thought of everything and the build quality is excellent. The pack protects my Macbook, iPad, and iPhone and everything else I use on the road. Lots of pockets and quality zippers allow for quick, easy access for it all. Great job Incase!

  • 5/5 stars

    By Mason

    Great backpack

    As much I tried to make it full I never could .
    And it always feel comfortable when you wear it even if you put a lot of things in it

  • 5/5 stars

    By osnar rodriguez

    we want p rod bags back

    Hey in case, I've been trying to get a skateboarding backpack from p rod, I think you guys should make more p rod bags :)

  • 5/5 stars

    By Bennett Farley

    Incase ICON Pack

    This is the 2nd incase backpack that I now own. Before incase, I would go through a pack every 6 months due to travel, going to work, just all around wear and tear. My last Incase pack lasted me 3 years (constant traveling with a full bag), and was worth every penny. I only trust incase with my Apple products and this incase ICON pack is perfect for taking all of your devices to any location, safely. I have dropped the bag many times with my 15in retina inside and there have been 0 problems. The price is very fair for the protection!

  • 5/5 stars

    By Blair A.

    ICON Incase Pack

    I've only had it for a few weeks and so far it is an extremely durable, sleek looking, functional backpack. I work 40 hours and do school full time so I need something that can carry everything for everything I do throughout the day. It has a space for everything, and as long as you remember where that is (at first I kept losing stuff in it. SO MANY POCKETS) you will be golden. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a very durable useful backpack. If you don't carry a lot of stuff or gadgets with you, you probably don't need this specific one.

  • 5/5 stars

    By GIno

    Travel / Work

    Let me start off by saying this is the BEST bag i have ever owned, the minute incase annoced it on instagram i was hooked but not sold i did my research and found similar bags from other companies but none with the build quility of this bag. It has a compartment for all of my random gadgets that get me threw my day to day life. As a cineamatographer / editor i needed a bag that could fit my laptop a few hard drives and my g16 among other things. but the beauty of this bag is if i want to i can use all the nice padded pockets for lenses and bodies making this bag work as my commuter bag but also a small camera bag in a cinch. i recommend this bag to anyone who wants to stay organized, look stylish, but also have long lasting comfort .

  • 3/5 stars

    By Alejandro


    I have a macbook pro 17 "and I wonder if they still sell backpacks for this type of model or any of the backpacks they sell is compatible with this model

  • 5/5 stars

    By Alejandro Ramírez Montoya


    I have a macbook pro 17 "and I wonder if they still sell backpacks for this type of model or any of the backpacks they sell is compatible with this model